Pound for pound, the most powerful pelleting aid on the market.

Ameri-Bond 2X has long been recognized as one of the best, most cost-effective and versatile pelleting aids available. This excellent performance is due to Ameri-Bond 2X’s ability to distribute well in the feed, absorb onto feed particles, become adhesive at the right time and, upon drying, form bonds or bridges between molecules of feed particles. This bridging is known as hydrogen bonding and is the key to Ameri-Bond 2X’s performance.

Ameri-Bond 2X doesn’t need to melt, swell, gel or cure. It works through simple adhesion. There is no recommended minimum conditioning temperature needed for activation. Generally, it is recommended to use as much steam as possible to properly condition the feed mash, but steam is not necessary to activate Ameri-Bond 2X. When manufacturing conditions make it impossible to reach a high conditioning temperature, Ameri-Bond 2X remains effective.

*Please note that Ameri-Bond 2X is only available in North America.

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